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Обновился на Разбэри до v2.1.2-rc17-13-gb6957fc, теперь во вкладке "ПРИЛОЖЕНИЯ" локальные приложения не открываются, есть только активные и онлайн. Таким образом, захожу в устройства выбираю Z wave или камеру, в итоге выдается: 404 Not Found. Requested data does not exists

Теперь не могу добавить никакое устройство! Подскажите, как можно исправить?

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Не стоит ставить версии с чем-либо после rcXX. Это наши внутренние версии. Обратите внимание, что вышла версия 2.2.0.

Теперь в локальных по умолчанию Featured. Просто выберите Все и увидите.


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Dancing happens to be a pastime for me personally. I was previously a dancer, long-time ago. I am aware what adopts being a genuinely wonderful dancer. It really is like being fully a good athlete. When you commence, there is a constant really drop the training.

Same may be said for the teacher. Dancing requires a certain kind of clothing. You-can't only wear anything. In keeping with this logic, I've some straightforward tips to assist your dance wear shopping be less nerve-racking.

1)whenever you commence class, ask the teacher what has to be worn. There are unique styles, in accordance with age and ability. If you child is merely beginning in ballet, she will need either a one-piece ballet collection or perhaps a leotard. This really is for traditional ballet students. Ballet tights must certanly be at the least a 40-denier.

2)Unless otherwise stated, your child should wear the colors pink and black. If you're undecided about this, request the instructor. Most instructors, for the best of my information, will only tell wear pink and blank. It is the uniformed means.

There are a several occasions when additional colors are worn, but this can be at the discretion of the teacher.

3) Your child should wear dance wearthat is worthy of her or his physique. It does not matter whether it's a specialist thing or a casual practice, constantly dress for that physical stature. Not many people are going to be tiny. Your child should never need certainly to fake to be a physique she or he is not. Get acquainted with the body type, then go shopping.

Join me the next occasion. I'll have some more ideas to help make your dance wear shopping a success. E.g. http://www.kurveshop.com.


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As a way to form aluminum foams directly from powder, a combined procedure for hot powder molding and extrusion is proposed. Aluminum powder mixed with a foaming agent is usually extruder screw extruded in to the mold through the die heated to a heat range greater than the melting level, and the mold is normally filled with the metal foam. Whenever a stainless metal pipe is used for a simple mold, an metal foam bar is obtained of which the relative density varies between 0.2 and 0.3. The molding of aluminium foam by using three types of mold condition shows the effect of gravity and friction. The effect of gravity is usually significant when a large step exists at the connection between your mold inlet and the die outlet, and friction is usually dominant where foam is certainly mold in a narrow space.


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