Термостат докладывает о температуре = 16,5 грд.
Работает в режиме Комфорт, т.е. должен бороться за температуру 22 грд.
Но нисколько не изменил положение клапана радиатора.
Как это понимать?

задан 17 Янв '16, 05:39

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Возможно температура 16,5 уже устарела, запросите принудительно температуру, и когда он проснется, узнаете актуальную. Можно сделать периодический опрос, чтобы всегда видеть актуальную температуру. Клапан термостата должен быть открыт, если температура 16.5, а вы хотите 22.


отвечен 25 Янв '16, 14:27

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Мне видится упрёк, не понимаю его сути, я не тупо хочу 22, а хочу понять по какому алгоритму термостат пытается удержать температуру в заданном пределе.
Алгоритмов существует больше чем один, был бы один, я бы не спрашивал. То, что имеет место "проскальзывание" и "запаздывание" показаний я уже понял.
Но всё таки, хотелось бы закрыть вопрос - какой алгоритм заложен в термостат?
Насколько знаю, rus.z-wave.me писали прошивку для него.
Коммерческая тайна, никак не узнать?

(25 Янв '16, 21:47) technocrat technocrat's gravatar image

С началом очередного отопительного сезона, начался очередной период изучения терморегуляторов Stella-Z. Вопрос тот же - какой алгоритм заложен в термостат?

(30 Окт '16, 16:14) technocrat technocrat's gravatar image

July 25, 2016 - Holistic lifestyles are spreading and achieving popular, all while organic is increasing in popularity too. Many people who comprehend the benefits of this lifestyle enjoy growing their very own foods using safe, organic gardening methods. Concentrate on the fantastic organic gardening tips presented below.

Give your children engage in your organic gardening efforts. Gardens certainly are a wonderful spot for kids to understand, and working alongside with them can strengthen the bond that you have.

When you rake leaves, you can keep them to serve as compost for the soil. Leaves quickly turn into organic compost full of nutrients your plants need. This is a great alternative to buying compost, and you will save lots of money by doing this.

If you over-water your plants, they can't get all of the nutrients they require from the dirt or dog feeder with storage. Before watering plants outdoors, seek advice from some weather stations to learn if it will rain anytime during the day. You may want to skip the watering throughout a day that will receive significant rainfall.

Weeds will be the bane of the garden's existence. This organic weed killer is not going to harm the planet or your family.

Keep your gardening tools nearby to maximize gardening efficiency. Try on some an apron or pants which have a lot of pockets, or use a big bucket or can. Tools you will have to garden efficiently include towels, gloves, pruning shears as well as other plant-specific tools.

If you are growing plants indoors, maintain your thermostat around 65 or 75 degrees daily. Your plants won't grow well if it's too cold. If you want to save money on gas bills in the winter, you can provide local heating for that plants using a heat lamp instead.

Mulch should be added to your plants and garden using at least 3 inches of cloth that is organic. Mulch adds nutrients to soil, maintains moisture and prevents unwanted weeds.

If slugs are a concern in your garden, a beer trap could make them go away. Dig an opening just deep enough for any glass jar to be placed in it even though the jar continues to have its rim in line with the surface of the ground. Pour beer to the jar until it's almost full. Leave an inch of space involving the beer and the jar top. Slugs are attracted to beer. They are going to crawl in to the jar and stay trapped.

When rinsing your vegetables save water and added it returning to your garden's soil. While the soil in your vegetables isn't appropriate for the dining room table, it is nonetheless nourishing for the garden. The water that was accustomed to rinse the vegetables is enriched with the soil and is poured into your garden. Furthermore, never use any sort of cleaning agent or anything besides your hands when you are cleaning your backyard veggies. This ensures the best results.

As a good general practice, factors to consider to plant your seeds three seed-widths deep to their containers. But, is important to realize the some seeds ought 't be covered, as they need complete experience of sun. Instance of these kinds of seeds are the petunia and the ageratum. If you're not sure whether your seeds need to be exposed to sunlight, resources are usually provided with the seeds or can be found online.

Produce a shade garden out of your organic garden. Shade gardens don't take a lot of work, people love to hear this! They might require little watering, rather than much work or time. While growth is a bit slower, there's also fewer weeds to eliminate.

When you water an excessive amount of, then you can actually harm your plants due to the fact that the roots can't obtain the nutrients they require. Before you attempted to water your plants, you might want to verify the forecast does not call for rain. If rain obtained care of, you are probably safe to skip watering duties for the day.

When composting lawn clippings, leaves, as well as other materials, it is advisable to add the equivalent green, freshly-cut material as you do dried material. Green plant material range from old flowers, fruit waste, grass clippings, vegetable waste, and leaves. Dried plant material includes straw, sawdust, shredded paper, cardboard, and dried and cut-up woody material. Your compost pile should not contain meat, ashes or charcoal.

Protect your plants during cold weather by covering all of them with a homemade tent. First, a pole of some type should be driven into the ground each and every corner of one's garden. Place a sheet over the poles whilst them down with bricks or rocks. It is really an inexpensive method to cover your growing crops through the cold winter time.

Incorporate shade elements into any organic garden area. These gardens are low maintenance, which is very attracting people. They will require much less watering, which saves plenty of work and time. You may not get as rapidly of a growth as normal, but you do not possess to work as hard either.

Use peelings from fruit or other left over pieces like apple cores to make your own low cost compost. Natural organic compost of this type will enhance your plant's health and accelerate growth for next to no cost.

In summary, creating and maintaining an organic garden requires hard work, effort and research. It's also true that to be able to see results, you need to keep at it. Make use of the tips presented here, with some ideas of your, and you can be a thriving organic gardener right away. co-reviewer: Clara S. Spratt


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