Используется двойное реле Fibaro FGS-221/FGS-222 для шаровых клапанов Belimo TR230, у которого встроенные концевые выключатели, управляется переброской фазы. Необходимо запретить одновременное использование двух каналов, чтобы фаза не подавалась на два выхода реле одновременно, иначе сервопривод сгорит! Тоесть потребуется аналогичная логика работы, как у Roller Shutter2, где при включении любого одного из каналов, другой канал предварительно автоматически отключается. А то не хотелось бы использовать дополнительно развязывающее реле...

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Возможно ли это реализовать используя сценарии языка LUA? Специалисты LUA, если таковые здесь есть, оставьте пожалуйста свои комментарии.


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Запретить включение второго канала реле не получится, по крайней мере мере программно. Я бы добавил два промежуточных реле или одно бистабильное, которое отрубало бы возможность включения (случайно или специально) второго канала, пока не будет отключен первый канал. А там уже LUA: при включеном первом канале, если включают второй, то сначала вырубаем первый.


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BlackJack Video game:

BlackJack also referred to as 20-1 is among the most widely used on line casino video game and extensively played out gambling establishment business banking online game on the planet. BlackJack game is surely an on the internet greeting card game from a player and dealer and played out with a number of decks of 52 credit cards. You may play BlackJack online for free on some websites around internet.

Inside the standard play blackjack online game each and every participant takes on against the car dealership. The gamer is managed a primary two credit card fingers with the option of drawing credit cards to bring the total value to 21 or significantly less with out surpassing it, to ensure the car dealership will shed having a lesser palm in comparison to the player or by exceeding beyond 21. The BlackJack game consists of almost very little discussion between your players.

Learn to play on the web BlackJack

BlackJack game begins with a fundamental strategy, the method of playing a palm with any total benefit in opposition to any dealer up-cards that will help you get rid of minimum dollars for the house from the long term with even a strictly regular good fortune.

An example of simple approach is displayed from the table beneath for the typical guideline-establish:

•You can always opt to play online BlackJack in four to seven decks

•Seller may well stand for smooth 17 or you could decide to carry out the very same

•You can increase on any two charge cards that totals close to 11

If you get two similar cards but it would be better to split on higher numbers like aces and tens, •You could always split your cards.

If you have no way out of the game as a winner, •You could always surrender with half of the bet.

Perform BlackJack online for free to apply your BlackJack Technique and increase it. Come to be familiar with it then you can definitely check out engage in online BlackJack. You will definitely get few cost-free credits to experience on the internet BlackJack so that you can test their features and facilities, make BlackJack strategy that let you win most substantial amount of earnings. You will definitely get BlackJack Technique online for free on web sites giving the ranking of on line casino internet sites as well as their review.

Successful BlackJack Strategy

General golden rules of fundamental BlackJack method are designed through the researchers and statisticians to aid participants learn how to play and win BlackJack. These strategies are relevant on certain BlackJack circumstance, suggestions on when to success or remain, and suggests more possibilities like splitting and increasing lower.

To Experience On the web BlackJack is protected

It can be generally thought that BlackJack approach is a spend, as online casinos can be a scam thus avoid to try out on the web BlackJack. If they wish to run a long-term business, but Casinos cannot cheat their customers. Of course, if they think to achieve this, on the internet frauds usually are not effortless today with all of online Laws and regulations and regulations. Many online casino sites which allow to play online casino do not own their software. That is the concept. They work with builders from organizations to build up the application, the majority of them are general public which risk their goodwill if you make gaming software program. It is not possible to give guarantee that the BlackJack Game portal is honest. Web sites that permit you to perform BlackJack free online mostly give reviews of Internet casino Websites as well as rate them.

BlackJack online game has run out of individuals casino online games in which the decisions of gamers have a genuine influence on succeeding percent. And once you learn to play on-line BlackJack, you could potentially in fact find out ideas to revert a game in no-acquire condition with your favour.

If you practice BlackJack free online, knowing basic BlackJack strategy, you can reduce the house edge to least. Remember that most internet casinos will mix up the outdoor patio following each and every palm, consequently you possibly will not get the advantage of counting cards nevertheless could generally get simple profitable BlackJack strategy to play on-line BlackJack.


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It offers microprocessors that processes system data and controls other devices in the system; chipsets, which send data between your microprocessor and input, display, and storage devices, like keyboard, mouse, monitor, hard drive or solid-state drive, and optical disc drives; and system-on-chip products that integrate its central processing units with system components onto just one chip. Most of the executives named to lead each division were at Regions previously. Our aim is to become one with the most influential news websites across the whole U. The company has encountered a twelve month cheapest cost of $ 16. To stay up to date on each of the workings of regions online banking number (rgn.logintrainers.org) in 2012, then click here and add the stock for a own personalized watchlist. On May 22, 2012, Reuters reported that Credit Suisse Group AG had won the latest auction of mortgage-linked collateralized debt obligations from The New York Fed's Maiden Lane III portfolio of assets assumed from American International Group, Inc. The momentum approach aims to give a temporary forecast about the securities price movements over essential fundamental assessment and is also being accounted by veteran traders only. Regional banks primarily draw earnings from lending and they are highly rate of interest sensitive.

However we will still monitor and manage it closely. While stocks with RF's profile view a short-term quiet period, this can also be one of these times when a shake out volatility move could be for the horizon. 5 year maturity, as well as a four year $700 million revolving credit facility. According to Thomson Reuters, analysts are projecting a consensus target cost of $15. Relative to - I'll touch the reserve first as you know we possess a pretty prudent ways we attempt looking in internet marketing consistently we also investigating our reserves. The company was formerly generally known as SBC Communications Inc. The company has the average rating of Hold� as well as an average target expense of $11. November 10, 2016 � Regions Financial Corporation (RF) Regions Bank announced that Jack Hirsch, an Institutional Services Area Manager in Birmingham, is the November 2016 recipient in the Regions Bank Better Life Award. Furthermore, shares of Regions Financial, which together featuring its subsidiaries, provides banking and bank-related services to individual and corporate customers inside US, possess a Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 69. Expected annual earnings are likely to increase by 13.

96% from the average market prices on the 50-day period. A SEVP at Regions Financial Corporation (RF) sold shares in the company in a very transaction completed on Tuesday May 24, 2016. A stock that gets too far above its moving averages may be vulnerable to a correction. From November 18 through December 18, Dollar General customers may donate $1 or even more at check-out to benefit the St. So whatever you've seen as we have grown capital markets revenue significantly within the last two years could be the introduction of some of people products and capabilities. Royal Gold, Inc USA) (NASDAQ:RGLD) has appointed Sybil Veenman towards the Company's Board of Directors effective January 1, 2017. 3 researchers revealed long-term predictions for that organization's EPS and possess predicted EPS growth rate at 5. When seen fiscal reports, also classified 10-K and 10-Q, it can produce uncertainty. Number of analysts are eying on this stock, and after detailed observation, they have given the stock mean target price of $14. As a result, investors will be able to comprehend the basic determinant of asset allocation and all sorts of sorts of risk-returns parameters for stocks alongside the stock mutual funds.


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